ATTRACTION Enough attractions to enjoy the whole day!

  • Waterballoon

    Water BalloonPRICE : 800yen〜

  • kaze

    Zipline ~Wind - KAZE~PRICE : 1,200yen〜

  • kaizoku

    Boat-Shaped 3D Maze ~KAiZOKU~PRICE : 400yen〜

  • motorlan

    Motor Land norinoriPRICE : 400yen〜

  • buggy

    Exciting BuggiesPRICE : 600yen

  • virtualride MAGICa!!

    Virtual Ride MAGICa!!PRICE : 600yen

  • battleking

    Battle KingPRICE : 600yen

  • hopper

    Frog HopperPRICE : 400yen

  • cart

    Go-KartsPRICE : 400yen〜

  • 4d king

    4D-KINGPRICE : 400yen

  • trampoline

    TrampolinePRICE : Free

  • bouldering

    BoulderingPRICE : Free


Click on the images to see a video

  • Waterballoon
  • kaze
  • kaizoku
  • buggy
  • vr
  • battleking
  • ninebot mini
  • tornadospin
  • easyrider
  • go-cart
  • kidscoaster
  • athletic
  • bouldering

伊豆ぐらんぱる公園 体験型イルミネーション「グランイルミ 〜2ndシーズン〜」

A unique, high density illumination display
Enter another dimension of space,
fantasy, dinosaurs and flowers!

Through August, 2018 (Estimate)
6:30PM~10:00PM The schedule may change depending on the season.
Izu Granpal Amusement Park, "Gran Illumi" special area
Entry fee
Adults (junior high school and up) 1500yen, elementary school students 800yen, preschool age children free
※Preschool age children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

RESTAURANT & SHOP Delicious food, plenty of choices

Pirates Restaurant GRANTEI

Pirates Restaurant GRANTEI

※This restaurant is only open to park visitors.

Seating 100 indoor seats, 100 outdoor terrace seats.(60 BBQ seat)



Check out our menu ranging from big dishes to light meals and desserts all made from local ingredients!
※This restaurant is open to everyone, not only park visitors.

Regular holiday Closed on Thursdays
※Open everyday during peak season
Seating 60 seats (including outdoor terrace seating)

Owl Arbor

Owl Arbor

Come enjoy our Japanese cafe menu and modern Japanese interior.

Regular holiday Closed on Wednesdays
※Open everyday during peak season
Seating 40 indoor seats, 20 outdoor terrace seats.


Izu Souveir Shop Clipper

You can find original souvenirs from Izu Shaboten Zoo and Izu Granpal Amusement Park!
※This shop is open to everyone, not only park visitors.

Park Map

Izu Granpal Amusement Park map